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SmartBrief Case Study

SmartBrief Employs Smart Landing Pages with App-like Features

SmartBrief Landing Page Case Study


SmartBrief’s philosophy is to provide thought leaders with business news and information they need, hand-picked and summarized by expert editors. The goal is to get subscribers up to speed quickly so they can move on with their day and make more informed decisions. The publisher sifts through thousands of sources throughout the day, selecting the most relevant and important information and distills it into a must-read briefing tailored to specific professions.

With huge arsenals of valuable information and a large universe of readers who all need tailored information, SmartBrief had a key goal to acquire more subscribers. Their approach was to leverage interactive and engaging landing experiences.


Not all landing pages are created equal. In a market cluttered with noise, a landing page can make or break the critical first impression of a company, product or service. SmartBrief recognized this, and decided that their existing landing page platform needed some revamping. Additionally, the Audience Development team required flexibility to make changes on-the-fly and often, as well as more in-depth reporting functionality. They decided to take things to the next level with a new strategy to leverage more sophisticated, interactive landing experiences focused on customer acquisition.

Along with SmartBrief’s big landing page leap, they had to ensure they: remained agile without exhausting internal tech resources; and gained advanced reporting capability that would give them insights into user behavior and conversion influences.

SmartBrief tapped the ion interactive platform to: launch smart, app-like landing pages with agility; leverage no-code testing; and access real-time analytics for a deeper understanding of their channels so they could deliver precise and targeted content to visitors.


SmartBrief took a hard look at their existing landing pages to assess next steps for the roll out of their new enhanced pages. They participated in launch services which included one-on-one customized training, as well as production & launch support of their initial landing experiences. This provided SmartBrief with a quick ramp-up time and a solid foundation of knowledge and examples upon which they could build.

As with the ramp up of any technology, there is always a learning curve. However, SmartBrief always had direct access to their customer success team for questions, support or advice. Their customer success team, coupled with their training sessions and ion’s in-depth support site, made for a smooth transition into the ion platform.


From an internal perspective, there has been significant positive reception to the analytics & insights gleaned from the ion platform.

With ion, SmartBrief was able to build multiple versions of each page and have access to the reports needed to assess performance by channel. By combining landing pages that speak to each target audience and focusing on the most successful channels, they’ve regularly seen landing page conversion above 50%.

Most importantly, SmartBrief has received the deeper view they required into channel and media performance.

Some of the specific findings include:

  • Targeted channels, such as email and targeted display ads in email, convert the best. While broader, less targeted channels drive more traffic, the landing page conversion is lower.
  • SmartBrief has honed in on what content is more consumable for their specific audiences. For example, a relevant whitepaper drove more email newsletter subscriptions than a direct offer for the newsletter when promoting to marketers. For other audiences, such as construction professionals, the results offering the email newsletter directly proved more effective.
  • Because ion interactive’s reporting feature, SmartBrief gained a better understanding on cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by channel and campaign and can focus on the campaigns that deliver the best results for the business.

As they garner more intelligence, SmartBrief will begin to further optimize landing experiences by channel & message in order to serve up the most relevant, effective landing experience to each source of traffic.

One of the biggest successes from working in the ion platform is SmartBrief’s newfound ability to add more interactivity into their pages—evaluating user interactions within the page helps SmartBrief make better-informed decisions about improvements focused on lifting engagement and conversion.

SmartBrief is well positioned to execute on their strategy of continual improvement to meet the ever-changing expectations of their audience and grow customer acquisition through smart, optimized, interactive experiences.

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