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Skyword Case Study

Skyword transformed a static piece of content into a valuable interactive tool that radically improved scoring and research data.


Headquartered in Boston, Skyword is a content marketing platform that connects thousands of creative influencers with brands from all over the world in order to create story-driven content intended to help guide customers through the sales funnel. The company also uses its software and services to help brands become publishers by creating natural, organic touchpoints for the content they produce.


Like most companies, Skyword is constantly searching for ways to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time. In order to have meaningful conversations with all customers, it’s crucial to separate brands just starting out on their content creation journeys from storytelling veterans. In order to segment the pros from the beginners, Skyword created a 65-question assessment. However, according to Ruben Sanchez, senior director of marketing at Skyword, such a long assessment was unwieldy for both the marketing team and the customer.

 “We knew we had a big challenge, but we weren’t sure what we really needed to know.”


With their 65 questions in tow, Skyword contacted ion interactive for a consultation that turned into a brainstorming session, not just for building the perfect assessment, but also for transforming that assessment into a valuable tool for both Skyword and its customers. 

“In that first phone call, we started building something engaging for experts and beginners,” Sanchez says. “ion helped us build a mechanism for a crucial piece of thought leadership for our company.”

Patricia Travaline, Skyword’s chief marketing officer, agreed. “The Content Marketing Continuum assessment transformed a static piece of thought leadership into an interesting, interactive form of engagement and lead gen. Without the tremendous team at ion who partnered with us to bring this life, we would not have been able to achieve our aggressive goals for launching the continuum.”

“ion helped us build a mechanism for a crucial piece of thought leadership for our company.”

– Ruben Sanchez, Senior Director of Marketing at Skyword


Skyword had a clear goal in mind for responses to THEIR assessment: they wanted feedback from 1,000 users. Both the sales and marketing teams are hoping that such a wide variety of responses will create a more accurate picture of the needs and challenges faced by every type of potential customer, from newbies to old hands at the content marketing game. With data from the assessment at their fingertips, the Skyword sales team hoped to anticipate the needs of new leads, even if the companies themselves couldn’t quite identify the pain points in their content strategies.


The five-minute, fifteen-question interactive assessment first asks users to identify the types of content types they create each month, including traditional forms, like banner ads, as well as more innovative pieces, such as movies and episodic content. From there, the assessment asks about every part of an organization’s content creation process, guiding respondents from production to measurement.

According to Sanchez, the sequence of the questions was nearly as important as the questions themselves, since Skyword is counting on these results for future segmentation. “When we started, we didn’t have a mechanism for taking people through the sequencing of the questions. It was very important to us to ensure that more advanced questions went to the more experienced audience, and the logic that ion offered us for the sequence was essential for building the kind of assessment we wanted.” 


Just a few MONTHS after launch, Skyword already has 900 responses to its assessment. When they reach their goal of 1,000, the company plans to hire a market research organization to piece together their findings.
One of the most surprising things about the assessment, according to Sanchez, was the overwhelmingly positive feedback it got from users at events such as Content Marketing World.  
“Events have been our number one source of completion. Even though we have questions that aren’t simple yes or no answers, people are answering thoughtfully all the way to the end. They have no problem breezing through the full adventure.”  
The assessment has also been a boon to the sales team, who are already using scores to help guide conversations. Skyword is even using the assessment internally for employee advocacy by creating custom links to highlight the content’s success on social media. Overall, both the sales and marketing teams have been grateful to have such a powerful new tool in their arsenals. 
“We’ve been able to segment data in a really cool way,” Sanchez says. “And we can tell a great story around these responses. We can also keep this feedback and have it be associated with each lead or customer then get that data to the sales team.” 


After the overwhelmingly positive response to the initial assessment, Skyword is gearing up to partner with ion again in order to turn responses into an interactive infographic. They will also soon make the assessment available online to all of their clients in an effort to gain an even deeper understanding of their audience. 

“Creating this content was about more than just lead gen,” Sanchez says. “It was about knowing our audience so we wouldn’t start a conversation with an expert and treat them like a beginner, and we had to build something that would be engaging for both. We couldn’t have done this on our own.”

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