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Plymouth Rock Case Study

Plymouth Rock Assurance Delivers Big Customer Experiences for Big Results

Plymouth Rock increases speed-to-market 17,900% and online quotes 300%, reducing cost-per-quote by 33%.

Plymouth Rock Case Study

Plymouth Rock uses large, seasonal imagery and interactive content within their "romance" pages to engage visitors.

"Data is automatically captured and transferred to and Plymouth is able to contact the customer through a different source of call center."

–Aneliya, Plymouth Rock


Plymouth Rock Assurance of New Jersey is one of the largest automobile insurance groups in New Jersey. Plymouth's secondary product, Teacher's Insurance Plan of NJ, offers car insurance exclusively to New Jersey’s educational community. Teacher’s Insurance offers unique educator benefits including exceptional customer care, responsive and attentive claim service, and lower cost insurance rates.


According to Aneliya, online marketer at Plymouth Rock, the need for flexible, dynamic landing pages was “immense.” Prior to adopting the ion platform, Plymouth had one landing page that resided within the corporate website. The Plymouth marketing team managed the page with an internal technology company—every request to modify the page was a multi-faceted project that required several hand-offs. First, business requirements were submitted and had to be processed. Typically, the process took anywhere from several days up to two weeks. Then, once the request was processed, implementation of changes was scheduled 3-6 months out. Simple modifications to existing pages were time consuming and expensive. A/B or multivariate testing was not an option.


Plymouth’s marketing department decided to look for an outside solution. They needed a web software platform that would allow for the creation and testing of campaign lead generation landing pages—outside of their corporate website. The benefit of dedicated landing pages was clear: increased speed-to-market, improved customer experience and testing capabilities for conversion rate optimization.


After adopting the ion platform, Plymouth quickly went from one landing page to several—with over 230 landing pages under their belt today. Leveraging templates, turnaround of new landing pages is typically less than one day, a staggering 17,900% increase in speed-to-market!

Both A/B and multivariate testing have proven fruitful. Counter intuitively—introducing an extra step (with more promotional ad copy & content) into the online quote process, produced a higher volume of quotes at a more efficient cost-per-completed-quote. The “romance” page increased online quotes 300% over the control page. After reaching statistical confidence, all non-branded keyword traffic was immediately sent to the “Save Today” creative, reducing the cost-per-quote by 33%.

Not only is Plymouth creating and testing dedicated experiences for pay-per-click, display, affiliate and mobile marketing, they also leverage several out-of-the-box capabilities of the ion platform.

“We have been able to use reduced forms not only for lead generation, but also internally within the sales organization. Typically, a large volume of calls has caused a high abandon rate on the phone lines. Now, when phone lines overflow, a scripted message encourages callers that are not willing to wait to visit a url where they can request a call back. This URL is generated by the ion platform—data is automatically captured and transferred to and Plymouth is able to contact the customer through a different source of call center.”

This strategy has had a positive impact on the overall customer experience at Plymouth, reducing abandon rates and improving response times.

Use of the ion platform for direct response landing pages has not only resulted in conversion rate lifts, but Plymouth also quickly saw positive ROI with the software. In a short time, the team at Plymouth fulfilled an “immense need” with an indispensable solution.


Multivariate testing is a high priority for Plymouth in the upcoming months. Aneliya plans to set up several tests in high volume campaigns and let them run continuously while she and her team focus on A/B testing within more targeted traffic.

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