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MarketingProfs Case Study

Integrated A/B testing increases landing page conversions.

MarketingProf's Landing Page Case Study


MarketingProfs specializes in providing practical, strategic, and tactical marketing tools and know-how for marketing business professionals in organizations worldwide through a full range of online media. MarketingProfs shares their knowledge and engages with a community of more than 430,000 members and 300 contributors.


Prior to adopting ion, the MarketingProfs marketing team relied on an in-house landing page tool. The platform did not have easy testing capabilities or a real-time analytics dashboard. Without a way to create, test and optimize landing pages, conversion rates remained stagnant.

"ion has empowered the MarketingProfs marketing team to create elegant, high-performance landing pages. We launch and test pages in minutes and robust minisites within days."

–Megan Leap, Online Marketing Manager, MarketingProfs


In March 2011, Online Marketing Manager Megan Leap spearheaded the company's landing page optimization program by choosing ion's platform to replace their proprietary system.

Megan tackled each of MarketingProfs' business units, creating pages to find big wins across email, PPC and social media campaigns. Within a few weeks, Megan's lead generation campaigns boasted conversion rates of 20%-50%, depending on the stream of traffic. Email campaign landing pages converted over 50%. The results spoke for themselves: within a few months the program was evangelized to the team of marketing managers within four different business units.

Since the adoption of ion, the MarketingProfs marketing team has created and tested over 330 landing pages, microsites and conversion experiences for lead generation, event promotion, registration and subscription services.

For Megan, A/B testing and ongoing optimization has made all the difference in MarketingProfs' online marketing performance. Increased speed to market and subsequent analysis of results has led to improved conversion rates and lower cost-per-acquisition. As Megan explained, "ion has empowered our marketing team to create elegant, high-performance landing pages. We launch and test pages in minutes and robust microsites within days."


What's next for MarketingProfs? Megan predicts that "…2012 will be a year of tremendous expansion and growth for our landing page optimization program. We will be laser-focused on A/B testing to continue to drive online conversions from all of our marketing channels. In addition to ongoing testing and optimization, we plan on using ion's ready-made widgets to add interactivity and sophistication to our pages."

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