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Lab Escape Case Study

Campaign landing pages & A/B testing result in a 280% conversion rate increase.

Lab Escape Case Study


OpenMoves is a New York based online boutique dedicated to creating online marketing campaigns that convert, helping clients move from concept to creation with PPC, SEO, and email marketing campaigns. Lab Escape is a small software company that develops commercial data visualization tools that enable information professionals to make better decisions. Lab Escape’s goal is to bring advanced data visualization techniques into the mainstream, so companies of all sizes can take advantage of the power of data maps.

"Using ion’s code-free A/B testing, OpenMoves was able lower Lab Escape’s bounce rates and increase conversion rates, without an increase in PPC budget."

– Amir Chitayat, President, OpenMoves


The Lab Escape website hadn’t been updated in a number of years, and as a result it was barely generating leads from their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Lab Escape was sending PPC traffic to their outdated homepage instead of a dedicated landing page, so while they were getting good traffic, conversion rates hovered around 0.8 - 2%. Lab Escape’s homepage and the other pages within their website didn’t have lead generation forms, imagery or targeted copy. Without tracking activity on the site, there was no way of knowing which elements were driving conversions. As OpenMoves President Amir Chitayat best described it, landing on Lab Escape's website from a PPC ad was, "kind of like landing in the middle of Wal-Mart without knowing which aisle to take.” OpenMoves knew that in order to improve conversion rates, a strategic landing page program needed to be put in place.


Since the adoption of ion in 2008, OpenMoves has used ion as their firm’s dedicated landing page platform. It made perfect sense to leverage the ion platform for the execution of the new lead-gen strategy. The OpenMoves team quickly created four new campaign-specific landing page experiences that were designed to help improve Lab Escape’s quality score and conversion rate for new leads. Each landing page featured a strong call to action and lead generation form designed to encourage the download of a free trial.

OpenMoves used the ion platform to track page interaction and behavior. A seamless Salesforce integration sent lead information on directly to the Lab Escape’s sales team (and into an email drip campaign) upon form submission. OpenMoves then focused on setting up A/B experiences, testing to find a winning format for Lab Escape’s PPC traffic. Single landing pages were tested against conversions paths (multi-page experiences that lead a visitor towards a conversion action). OpenMoves also tested minor tweaks to content and images on each page.


Using ion’s code-free A/B testing, OpenMoves was able lower Lab Escape’s bounce rates and increase conversion rates without an increase in PPC budget. ion’s robust, real-time data gave OpenMoves the information they needed to optimize Lab Escape’s landing page program. The result? The winning landing experiences converted at around 4.24% – an increase of about 280% over previous benchmarks!


OpenMoves and Lab Escape are excited about the initial success of the campaign, but don’t plan on stopping yet. An ongoing monthly schedule has been put in place to continually review, test and further optimize for higher conversion rates.

Interactive Content Case Studies from FedEx, Centermark, BASF, Key Equipment Finance, Arcserve, UBM, Purchasing Power, VSP and Dell.

Interactive Content Case Studies

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