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Iron Mountain Case Study

A 300% increase in tests over the entire prior year. A conversion increase of over 255%.

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Case Study


Iron Mountain is a leading provider of storage and information management, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 32 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information. Iron Mountain is an S&P 500 company, a member of the FORTUNE 1000, and a member of FTSE4Good index. Organizations in every major industry and of all sizes—including more than 94% of the Fortune 1000—rely on Iron Mountain to store and manage their information.

“We chose ion because we want to work with the best. ion has the expertise and proven results across both B2B and B2C.”

– Tom Berger, Director of Internet Marketing


Iron Mountain’s web marketing team needed a better way to engage visitors and produce a high volume of quality leads at a low cost. Prior to adopting ion, traffic from paid search was being sent to deep links within the website, with little focus on optimizing lead generation efforts. Tom Berger, director of internet marketing, explains that “historically, we looked at both Google AdWords data and Google Analytics data to determine our tests. Then, we waited a period of time, reviewed the results, adjusted design elements or copy on the website and started over.”

Testing was conducted sequentially rather than in parallel (split testing). The problem? Results of sequential split testing can be skewed by time periods and traffic patterns in which the different tests are run. There was plenty of data, but there wasn’t a dedicated team in place to decide what to do with it. Additionally, data analytics didn’t provide Iron Mountain a complete package—landing page creation being an important piece of that equation. Iron Mountain needed a solution that would allow the web team to easily create, copy, version, test and optimize sophisticated post-click experiences in real time.

Iron Mountain, being a data-driven organization, needed real-time data that could help them gain an understanding of what attracts, engages and converts visitors to leads and sales. They needed a comprehensive arsenal of tools to increase the agility of their marketing.

“We lacked the necessary tools to run tests quickly and we also lacked the ability to see real-time data on our optimization experiments.”

– Tom Berger, Director of Internet Marketing

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Case Study
Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Case Study


Iron Mountain’s solution to the challenge of real-time marketing was to broadly embrace testing and controlled experimentation as the new “operating system” of marketing. First, a dedicated resource was put in charge of all optimization. Tom thought, “Why not put a dedicated person in charge of optimization for all our web properties? Let’s find out what kind of return we can get on this investment.” A few optimization projects had proven successful, so he was willing to take a risk in exchange for the possibility of an even bigger reward. Then, in addition to ion, he put two additional technologies in place to help increase the performance of Iron Mountain’s testing—Optimizely for website testing and Demandbase for real-time targeting and personalization.

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Case Study


Application of “best-of-breed” web software has provided Iron Mountain with real-time and actionable data. They are able to make adjustments and roll out optimization projects faster than they could have ever imagined. Increased speed-to-market has allowed them to be agile in their testing and optimization—benefits traditional methods couldn’t offer.

ion’s testing and optimization services have dramatically increased the volume and the scope of testing. In the first four months of working with ion, Iron Mountain was able to launch over 30 tests—a 300% increase in tests over the entire prior year. Previously, resources limited them to a set number of tests per year. According to Tom, “that structure didn’t allow us the flexibility we needed to always be testing. This shift in testing mentality means that we were no longer constrained by a core set of tests. Now we’re able to chase down any idea which could uncover additional lead-gen opportunities.” Iron Mountain is already seeing return on their ion investment, with recent tests boasting conversion increases of over 255%.


Implementation of the optimization technology “trifecta”—ion, Optimizely and Demandbase—has boosted quarterly and yearly metrics for Iron Mountain’s web properties.

  • 82% increase in engagement
  • 40% increase in lead form conversion rate
  • 219% year over year increase in sales form conversion rate


Let’s face it: marketing is in a big data bubble. Everyone is talking about data: big data, data analytics, and big data analytics. At the root of all this data mania in marketing is the very real revolution that’s shaping more data-driven organizations. Big data is finally opening the door to the executive suite for a more hybrid creative-analytical method.

The key question data raises is how do we use it to not only know more about our customers, but to directly grow our business in significant ways? Iron Mountain has the answer: broadly embrace testing and controlled experimentation as the new “operating system” of marketing. The answer to big data’s potential is big testing.


In addition to utilizing ion’s software and expertise to increase lead conversions, Iron Mountain is also leveraging ion to help with developing new creative landing experiences while maintaining brand consistency. Radical redesigns have introduced highly valuable audience segmentation and targeting. Every landing experience is now optimized to deliver a native mobile experience. Advanced logic is being used to test form length and deliver vertical-specific content in real time. Every day big data is fueling big testing—and big results—at Iron Mountain.

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Interactive Content Case Studies

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