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Infogroup Case Study

Skyrocketing Conversion Rates with High-Performance Landing Pages


Infogroup offers solutions to improve every aspect of a marketing campaign from quality consumer data, e-mail and direct mail solutions, database processing and more. Infogroup's comprehensive databases include 210 million U.S. consumers, 14 million U.S. businesses, 13 million executives and professionals, and so much more.


Without a way to create, manage and implement landing page testing for multiple brands and segments, opportunities for conversion improvement were limited. With a current customer base of 4 million users - and growing, Infogroup sought a way to increase the efficiency of their landing page program through testing and optimization.

"The ion platform has made testing very easy and user friendly. In the past year we have seen our registrations increase by over 50%."

– Nicole Bukacek, Director of Online Marketing, Infogroup


In February 2009 Infogroup adopted the ion platform and watched their conversion rate increase at an exciting rate.

Using the platform, Nicole Bukacek, director of marketing, manages and tests well over 500 landing pages and counting. Before ion, Nicole was only able to manage one landing page per business unit with no testing. At the time she was not tracking conversion rates, although she says, “now we are consistently seeing a 15-17% conversion rate.”

After adopting ion's platform, Bukacek was empowered with the ability to quickly create multiple landing experiences for each business unit. She says, “Now I have landing pages for individual keyword groups for our paid search marketing. Having the individual landing pages has increased our quality scores with Google, and given the user content that is more specific and focused on the keyword and what they are looking for, rather than a one size fits all type of landing page.”

Being able to quickly and easily create variations of each landing page led to the ability to implement landing page testing against each other and find high-converting champions.

“We were not testing before so having the ability to test has made a world of a difference. We have seen our conversion rates go from our 3% when we first started to rates as high as 20%+ because of a different page we have been able to test. It’s so great to have the ability to see the amount of people who are landing on our pages and converting. The platform has made testing very easy and user friendly. In the past year we have seen our registrations increase by over 50%.”

Going forward Infogroup will continue expanding and growing their landing page optimization program taking advantage of the scale, customization and flexibility provided by ion.

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