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DHL Express Case Study

Deploying Landing Pages Worldwide

DHL is an international leader in courier, express and parcel delivery services. The company operates in over 220 countries and territories, and specializes in providing customers with customized transportation solutions from a single source.

DHL Express came to ion interactive with the need to manage and optimize hundreds of brand-consistent landing pages. When DHL first adopted the platform in 2010 they deployed the software to marketing departments in fifty countries. Based on the results he saw in those first fifty countries, they started rolling out the software to more areas where DHL has a presence.

Today DHL has used ion to create landing pages in over 220 countries and territories in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The video is of Rolf Inge Holden talking about his experience with the ion platform. It's not an ad we paid him for, and it's not from a script we gave him. But we think it states the benefits of the platform, perfectly.

"Going from a very low conversion rate to as much as nine percent, now, has really made a difference in our ROI."

–Rolf Inge Holden, Global Marketing Specialist

DHL Video Transcript with Rolf Inge Holden

"What's so great about the ion platform is that we can now create campaigns in a matter of a minutes by setting up A/B tests. We can always ensure the best possible outcome of a campaign. The templates-based system lets marketers in DHL create web pages without worrying about any HTML coding. It's a code-free zone that's very intuitive and easy to use.

DHL Express is the market leader in international express deliveries worldwide. We're present in more than 220 countries and territories, providing our customers with the fastest, most reliable, door-to-door deliveries in the market from one day to the next. For DHL, it's important to reach new customers, as well as engage our existing customer base in order to grow our revenues. Online campaigns are an essential part of that, and this is the first time I'm able to track results with such an amount of detail and precision. I've always had to rely on agencies to help me set up campaigns and online experiences. Now I do this myself.

We're currently using the platform in 50 countries in the Americas and Europe, and we're seeing some amazing results. Going from a very low conversion rate to as much as nine percent, now, has really made a difference in our ROI. Fifty countries are now working with the same tool, this means we have total visibility of results and can learn from each other, reusing the best demonstrative practices across the countries. When managing a global brand such as DHL Express, brand consistency has always been important. Together with ion interactive, we've developed a set of DHL specific templates that gives us great flexibility, yet, ensures that consistency. ion's platform is a powerful tool for marketers in DHL, and we'll be able to do things we never done before." 

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Interactive Content Case Studies

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