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Centre for Arts and Technology Case Study

An Art School Gets Creative with ion’s Custom Landing Pages

Centre for Arts and Technology Case Study

"As an art school we have to make sure that things are very visually appealing — and in that sense very creative — and before ion we were very limited."

– Teresa Doulos, Interactive Marketing Manager


The Centre for Arts and Technology is a leading art and design college with three campuses located in Canada. The school offers thirteen post-secondary programs ranging from 3D animation and Fashion Design to Digital Filmmaking and Event and Promotions Management.


The Centre for Arts and Technology was using program-specific landing pages for their PPC campaigns, but they felt limited by their one page landing experiences. The landing pages that they used were hand coded and built by a third party, so it wasn’t easy to change content, make updates, or create entirely new experiences. Since these landing experiences were basically just a single form page, the space restricted the amount of content and images they could display. As an art school their potential students expected to see something visually appealing and creative, yet the process by which pages were created was limiting the marketing team’s ability to meet user expectations.


The Centre for Arts and Technology began using the ion paltform in September 2010.

With ion's platform, the Centre’s marketing team created seven individual program-specific microsites. Each microsite was paired with a targeted PPC campaign, and the ultimate goal of each microsite was to have potential students to fill out a contact form. No longer limited by one page, the Centre was able to showcase student work, testimonials, host videos, and outline program details. ion gave the Centre a canvas to showcase their programs and to connect with future students without needing developers or IT resources.


The Centre’s conversion rates increased from 4% to as much as 19% by moving from single, hand-coded page experiences to content-rich microsites in the ion platform.

Not only did conversion rates soar, but they also saw their lead quality increase. Instead of going to the Centre’s homepage (which has so much information that it’s hard to navigate), or a landing page with just a snippet of information, potential students were being sent to targeted, specific landing experiences that were very visual and informational. Potential students knew very quickly whether or not it was the type of program they were hoping to find, so when they filled out a form they were definitely interested.

With ion, Centre for Arts and Technology now has the flexibility and ability to test new campaign ideas and custom landing page ideas as soon as they think of them. They recently launched a contest aimed at high school students where each contest category related directly to a post-secondary program at the Centre. Within four days, the Centre’s marketing team was able to build and launch the contest campaign microsite. Before ion, this would have taken them two to three weeks.

As the Centre’s Interactive Marketing Manager Teresa Doulos explains, “ion has given us another avenue to always have fresh content and fresh development, without having to worry about managing and updating a large website all of the time.”


The Centre plans to create highly visual “gallery-style” custom landing pages that will feature student work and testimonials. ion’s sophisticated and flexible templates give the Centre the ability to quickly create landing experiences that connect with their potential students and inspire them to think about what they too can create.

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