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Anvil Media Case Study

From Zero to Mobile with ion


Anvil Media is a search engine marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) management, mobile and social media marketing services. Anvil doesn’t have full-time developers on staff, so before they started using ion, they simply didn’t have the resources to build landing pages for their clients. In order for Anvil to test its conversion optimization suggestions, it had to place the burden of building landing pages on clients.

Thanks to ion, Anvil’s account team is now able to quickly create and test landing pages on a large and ever-expanding scale – without placing any burden on clients – for some pretty remarkable results.

Take, for instance, the story of how Anvil was able to leverage ion’s scalability to take its client, Insight Schools, from one landing page to multiple pages and a mobile landing page campaign.

"Replicating and easily tweaking pages with the ion platform saves us a ton of time. It probably takes a quarter of the time that it would usually take to individually build out all of those pages."

– Kim Toomey, Senior Account Executive, Anvil Media, Inc.


Insight Schools is a public online high school available in eight states. Anvil manages a PPC program for Insight Schools which includes a very large and wide variation of keywords ranging from “online high school” to “high school diploma.” Insight Schools initially had a low quality score for some keywords because it was directing traffic from the broad range of keywords to one generic landing page.

Using the platform’s templates, Anvil quickly built five different landing pages based on five different keyword themes. Then, instead of making eight different state-specific versions for each of the five keyword-themed pages, Anvil used the platform’s dynamic content substitution tool to automatically change the page copy and logos for each state. Creating and managing 5 pages instead of 40 not only saved Anvil production time and made test management easier, but it also had some pretty remarkable results.

One month after launching the keyword specific landing pages, Insight School’s quality score improved by 22% and its average cost-per-click decreased. For Anvil, ion meant that it was able to deliver faster results to its client.


Excited by what it was able to accomplish, Anvil was inspired to test another concept utilizing the ion platform: mobile landing pages. Insight Schools was a perfect client with which to try mobile, because its target audience consists primarily of teenagers with smartphones.

Using the platform’s mobile templates, Anvil created a mobile landing page with two calls to action: a click to call button and a request for more information inquiry form. As with their previous landing page, Anvil used the platform’s dynamic content substitution feature in the mobile landing page to swap out copy and logos for each state accordingly. Once the page was completed, Anvil paired ion’s mobile landing page with Google AdWords mobile-only campaigns.


The conversion rate for the mobile campaign was 40% higher than traditional non-mobile online ads and the cost-per-conversion was 51% lower. The mobile campaign quickly became one of Insight School’s lowest cost-per-conversion campaigns.


Anvil plans to create and test more ion mobile landing pages for additional clients. The ion platform was a key enabler, helping take Anvil from not being able to create landing pages themselves, to creating mobile pages. Anvil plans to keep expanding its reach and success with ion in the future as well.

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Interactive Content Case Studies

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